Stalking is a crime in all 50 states yet many victims and criminal justice professionals underestimate its seriousness and impact.  Stalking can be difficult to recognize, investigate, and prosecute. Unlike other crimes, stalking is not a single, easily identifiable crime but a series of acts, a course of conduct directed at a specific person that cause that person fear.

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Stalking Through Technology

Technology can be very helpful to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking, however it is important to also consider how technology might be misused.

Stalking Through Technology Safety Plan

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Stalking Awareness Month

Whether you have a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days, you can educate yourself and your community about stalking during January, National Stalking Awareness Month.

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You can promote National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM) and enhance your activities by using the downloadable resources below.

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The National Stalking Awareness Month site offers a wealth of information on stalking for service providers and other professionals.