Program Services

The network of domestic violence/sexual assault programs across the state of Nebraska offer a range of services for both adults and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence. Although supplemental services vary, each program provides the following seven core services:

24 Hour Crisis Line

Confidential support, information and access to services are available 24 hours a day by calling the program in your area.

Legal Referrals & Assistance with Protection Orders

Although programs cannot give legal advice, they can provide assistance with obtaining a domestic abuse protection order, emotional support through court proceedings, and referrals to local attorneys.

Emergency Shelter

Providing a safe place to stay is an important service of the programs. Using a combination of shelters and hotels, programs offer people a place to escape further violence.

Ongoing Support and Information

Individual ongoing support is provided to survivors and their children. Support groups for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are available in many communities. Some programs offer groups for teens experiencing violence, children’s groups, and educational groups for men who batter.


Emergency transportation to a safe place is available 24 hours a day. Programs may also provide transportation to court proceedings, medical services or to other community agencies.

Education & Prevention Programs

Prevention programs are provided for children and young adults on topics such as child sexual abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender-based violence. Staff and volunteers are also available for presentations to church and civic groups, and for training and presentations to other area agencies who work with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Medical Advocacy & Referrals

Staff and volunteers are available upon request to accompany survivors to hospital emergency rooms and local medical offices for treatment of injuries or an exam after a sexual assault.

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