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Needs Assessment: Allocation of American Rescue Plan Resources

Nebraska was granted funding under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) to improve our community’s ability to serve survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence. This report presents findings from an assessment of our community’s current landscape of intimate partners and sexual violence services, to inform and justify how ARPA funds are allocated to meet survivors’ needs.

Nebraska Coalition Equity Report

In 2020, the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence hired Rooting Movements to assess equity at the Coalition and its work.  Rooting Movements is a consulting firm dedicated to strengthening social and political movements by helping organizations connect with the history, values, and approaches of their respective movements.  This report provides a summary of findings from the assessment, a list of recommendations on how the Coalition can enhance equity in its work, and next steps for the Coalition as it continues to work towards building a more equitable organization and gender-based violence movement across Nebraska.

Statewide Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Survey

Sexual and intimate partner violence are serious problems in our community.  These issues have long-term implications for victims/survivors and potentially large-scale economic impacts for healthcare, workplaces, schools, government, and the community overall.  When this violence occurs early in a person’s life, it is often repeated throughout their lifespan.  A single experience of sexual or intimate partner violence can create a lifetime impact.

When we know how and when violence occurs in a person’s life, we are given the ability to intervene and to prevent the violence.

Sexual violence and intimate partner violence ARE preventable.

The Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence commissioned HTI Labs to develop reliable and localized data that could speak to and understand the scope of the problem.

Launched in 2020, the Nebraska Statewide Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (SIPSVS) is the first ever large-scale survey to assess sexual and intimate partner violence victimization among Nebraskans.  The resulting data provide a deep look at the various types of this violence Nebraskans experience and its impact on survivors and the community.

This report illustrates the major findings and how they shape prevention strategies across the state.

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