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Publications and Resources

The following documents and links are just a few of the key resources on the prevention of intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and dating violence.  If you would like additional information or material on prevention, please contact the Nebraska Coalition or the local domestic violence/sexual assault program in your area.


Alan Berkowitz
Alan Berkowitz is a central figure in the development of the Social Norms Theory and helps a number of organizations implement the model in their communities.  This website offers access to a number of publications related to the social norms approach, sexual assault prevention, and social justice issues.

Break the Cycle
Break the Cycle provides comprehensive dating violence prevention programs exclusively to young people.  This website offers dating violence information and tools for action, including public campaign materials, policy recommendations, prevention curricula, and advocacy toolkits.  Break the Cycle also hosts the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month website at teendvmonth.org.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Violence Prevention)                                                                                     www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/index.html
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the nation’s health protection agency, conducting research and providing information on a variety of health topics.  The Division of Violence Prevention focuses on preventing injuries and deaths caused by violence.  This website offers information on intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and dating violence prevention.

Futures Without Violence
Futures Without Violence is a leader in education programs, national policy development, professional training, and public action campaigns to end violence against women.  Its programs include (among many others) the Coaching Boys into Men initiative, the Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships program, and Workplaces Respond to Domestic and Sexual Violence: A National Resource Center.

Love is Respect
Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Hotline created Love is Repect to offer resources to young people that foster healthy dating attitudes and relationships and to provide young people with a safe space to access information and help in an environment designed just for them.  This website offers great information for young people to take action against dating violence.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence provides customized training and consultation to organizations and communities working to end violence against women.  The website provides of number of resources and publications on intimate partner violence and sexual violence prevention.

National Social Norms Institute
Located at the University of Virginia, the National Social Norms Institute conducts research and evaluation on the social norms approach in a variety of areas, including gambling, risky sexual behavior, sexual assault, and high-risk alcohol consumption.

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence provides training, technical assistance, and resource development to the domestic violence field.  Its key initiatives include VAWnet and the Domestic Violence Awareness Project.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides leadership to the many state coalitions and programs that respond to and work to prevent sexual violence.  The Center facilitates collaboration among coalitions and programs nationwide, creates and shares resources with others in the field, and promotes research on sexual violence.

A national project of the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, PreventConnect serves as an online community of practice for people who are engaged in the prevention of intimate partner violence and sexual violence.  It is the training hub for preventionists in the field.

Prevention Institute
The Prevention Institute synthesizes research and practice, develops tools and frameworks, designs and guides multidisciplinary partnerships, and provides training and consultation around the prevention of multiple health and social issues.  You can find a variety of resources on this website, including information on the Spectrum of Prevention.

Step Up, Speak Out
A project of the Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition, Step Up, Speak Out is a social marketing campaign that provides teens with clear and accurate information on intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and dating violence.  The website also offers information and tools for parents, coaches, and teachers.

VAWnet (National Electronic Network on Violence Against Women)
A project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, VAWnet is a comprehensive and easily accessible online collection of full-text, searchable materials and resources on intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

VETO (Violence Education Tools Online)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created VETO to provide grantees and partners online access to free training, program planning resources, and tools that focus on the primary prevention of violence.

World Health Organization (Violence and Injury Prevention)
The World Health Organization provides leadership on global health issues and initiatives, monitors and assesses health trends, shapes research and sets standards, and provides information and support to countries around health.  The World Health Organization launched the first World Report on Violence and Health in 2002.