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(Updated through December 31, 2012)

The Nebraska Statutes Book is current through December 31, 2012. The laws in this guide may change through legislative or court actions. The information contained should be considered general information and you should check with an attorney to make sure that the laws have not changed and are applicable to your situation.

Click on a Chapter heading to view a pdf document of all sections within that chapter.

Chapter 1: Protection From Violence

1.A – General Provisions
1.B – Protection Orders
1.C – Protection Order Enforcement
1.D – Uniform Interstate Enforcement and Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act
1.E – Arrest Provisions
1.F – Harassment Protection Orders
1.G – Jurisdiction

Chapter 2: Crimes

2.A – General Provisions
2.B – Assault & Strangulation
2.C – Stalking & Harassment
2.D – More Offender’s Crimes
2.E – Discrimination-Based Crimes
2.F – Animal Cruelty
2.G – Victim’s Crimes
2.H – Assault and Murder of an Unborn Child
2.I – Victim’s Defense to Charges
2.J – Electronic Crimes

Chapter 3 – Sanctions

3.A – Criminal Offenses
3.B – Civil Penalties

Chapter 4 – Sexual Assault

4.A – General Provisions
4.B – Rape exams
4.C – Statutes of Limitations
4.D – Character Evidence & Rape Shield Laws
4.E – Sexual Abuse of an Inmate
4.F – Sexual Abuse of a Protected Individual
4.G – Convicted Sex Offender Act
4.H – Sex Offender Registration Act
4.I – Sexual Predator Residency Registration Act
4.J – HIV Testing of Sex Offender

Chapter 5 – Confidentiality and Privilege

5.A – State Confidentiality Provisions
5.B – State Privilege Laws
5.C – Mandatory Reporting
5.D – Address Confidentiality Act

Chapter 6 – Children & Minors

6.A – Definitions of a Minor
6.B – General Provisions
6.C – Child Protection Act & Central Register
6.D – 1184 Teams
6.E – Child Pornography Prevention Act
6.F – Missing Children Identification Act
6.G – Children & Health Care Services
6.H – Safe Haven Law
6.I – Bullying Prevention
6.J – Lindsay Ann Burke Act

Chapter 7 – Adult Abuse

7.A – Adult Protective Services Act

Chapter 8 – Marriage, Divorce & Custody

8.A – General Marriage Laws
8.B – General Divorce Provisions
8.C – Divorce, Separation, Annulment, Custody & Support Provisions
8.D – Parenting Act
8.E – Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
8.F – Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act
8.G – Native American Divorce
8.H – Indian Child Welfare Act

Chapter 9 – Insurance Discrimination

9.A – Unfair Discrimination Against Subjects of Abuse in Insurance Act

Chapter 10 – State Immigration Laws

10.A – State Plea Agreements
10.B – State Trafficking Laws

Chapter 11 – The Practice of Law

11.A – Criminal Provisions
11.B – Rules Governing the Unauthorized Practice of Law
11.C – Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct
11.D – Attorney Disciplinary Rules
11.E – Nebraska Code of Judicial Conduct
11.F – Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission

Chapter 12 – Crime Victim Statutes

12.A – Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations Act
12.B – Nebraska Victim’s Rights Laws

Chapter 13 – Procedure

13.A – Speedy Trial
13.B – Recorded Interrogations

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