Evaluating Our Work

In anti-violence work, we are driven by our mission first. A commitment to preventing violence, serving those who have experienced abuse, and building a better state is what we do.

Next to that, the most important thing we do is continually evaluate our efforts. We are always searching for the best methods to guide our work to ensure we’re providing the best service possible.

Evaluation helps us answer important questions like:

  • Is our work making a difference?
  • Which violence prevention curriculum is best for a broad audience?
  • How can we continue to increase capacity and development of our programs?

What we have found is that many programs and coalitions don’t evaluate their prevention efforts. We understand that evaluation can be tedious, sometimes difficult. Preventionists may feel under-prepared to complete this work, unsure of how to begin and where to go.

We also share the fear that we may find the results underwhelming.

Yet, evaluation of services remains a critical function of our work. This process helps us to identify and sustain the components of our work, and change the pieces that fall short. Insights gained help us to bolster our funding proposals, extend our outreach, and connect with our community.

Like many programs and coalitions across the nation, the Nebraska Coalition is committed to the evaluation of its work.

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