Mediums for Change


After you've created your original expression, share it with us! We will be taking our submissions via email and standard mail. Please send the application attached to this packet and the appropriate attachment including your creation to If you'd like to send in your submission via mail please send your submissions to: Mediums for Change Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence 245 S 84th Street, Suite 200 Lincoln, NE 68510


If you are sending in poetry, prose, or other written word, please send your creation as an attachment in Word or PDF format. If your creation is in the form of art, please take a photo and send it as an attachment.  If you believe that a photo does not fully capture your form of expression, please send a video! Videos must be less than one minute long. Please refrain from verbally explaining your artwork in a video--let it speak for itself!

Reminder: send all digital submissions to!


All submissions must be sent on or before February 1st, 2020.


If you have any questions about how to share your creation with us, send us an email at! We'd be happy to help.



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245 S. 84th Street
Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68510

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