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Creating Group Support: Seeking SAFETY & 16 Steps for Discovery and Empowerment

Monday, August 5, 2019 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Kearney Public Library –Niobrara Room 2020 1st Avenue Kearney, NE
Description: There is a unique power found in group work. Participants offer distinct perspectives and ideas that feed into rich insights. This workshop will offer two models for providing group work that offers a structure to address issues of addiction and trauma.

Seeking Safety, created by Lisa Najavits, Ph.D., is an evidence-based, present-focused counseling model to help people attain safety from trauma and/or substance abuse. It can be conducted in group (any size) and/or individual modality. It is an extremely safe model as it directly addresses both trauma and addiction, but without requiring clients to delve into the trauma narrative (the detailed account of disturbing trauma memories), making it relevant to a very broad range of clients and easy to implement. It has been translated into 15 languages.
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16 Steps of Discovery and Empowerment, created by Charlotte Kasl Ph.D., offers support for a wide variety of quality of life issues, such as addiction, relationships, trauma, and empowerment. The program focuses on a positive approach to help participants celebrate personal strengths, stand up for themselves, heal physically, express love, and create a sense

of community. It assists participants to find more safety and power in their lives, expand their definition of self beyond the stigmatized definitions they may be carrying, understand internalized oppression, validate positive survival intentions underlying addictive behaviors, and explore preferred ways to meet these needs.
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It is not mandatory to purchase the books prior to training, (handouts of information will be provided), but if you do wish to buy a copy, they can be found on the web sites listed above and on Amazon. The name of the book for 16 Steps is Yes You Can: Healing from Trauma and Addiction with Love, Strength and Power.


Participants will learn to:

· Identify challenges in addressing both substance use disorders and trauma.
· Describe the model Seeking Safety and understand how to implement in DV/SA settings.
· Describe the model 16 Steps for Discovery & Empowerment and understand how to implement in DV/SA settings.
· Understand the stages of recovery by Judith Herman.
· Use the Women’s Complex Trauma Screen in group settings

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